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    So much built-in storage.

    Drop, Cover, and Hold On — Then Tweet

    “Did you feel it?”

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    Getting familiar with the strangers next door.

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    A black and white photo of a crowd in Manhattan protesting an eviction as workers carry tenants’ furniture out from an apartment building to the curb.

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    Amid waning protections for renters and unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression, eviction defense is poised for a resurgence.



    Last sold in 2001, the home was built from plans drawn for the famed Case Study House program.

    From Vox Media


    A living room with a wood-burning fireplace, a living area with two couches, a ceiling fan, hardwood floors, and a coffee table.


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    Gut-Renovated House on Staten Island’s North Shore (With a Huge Backyard) Asks $819K

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    A figure casually sits cross-legged outdoor on a chair reaching across the lawn towards a plate of food with an oversized fork. The figure is wearing a medical mask for protection as well as blue latex gloves. Illustration.


    From whether you should use disposable utensils to how to social distance outside, here’s our best advice for entertaining during coronavirus.


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    • Curbed NY

    A Stucco Mansion in Prospect Park South With Two Balconies and a Cutting Garden

    The historic residence is one-third neo-Tudor, one-third Colonial Revival, and one-third Spanish mission.


    I Miss My Crowded, Messy, and Crumbling College House

    The house on Pine Street was a place to gather. Now, home is safe because it’s not shared.


    Is This the Saddest Pandemic Dining Experience in America?

    I had lunch in a mall parking garage, and it was actually just fine.

    A collage of images that shows the references found in Gigi Hadid’s NYC apartment. There is colored pasta, New Yorker magazines, a pen, Friends, and a woven basket.

    Gigi Hadid’s NYC Apartment: A Reference Guide

    This past weekend, supermodel Gigi Hadid shared a few photos of the New York City home she’s spent the last year decorating. This is the house the ’90s built.

    Living room with light wood floors and full-height brick fireplace.


    Look out for the beamed ceilings, brick fireplace, and vintage cooktop.


    A Foreclosure Crisis Could Still Happen

    Homeowners are falling behind on their payments, but government policies are keeping them in their homes.

    A Visit to Wyatt Cenac’s Listening Room in a Brooklyn High-Rise

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    Living room and dining room with a gray sofa and four windows overlooking trees.


    • Curbed NY

    Park Slope Three-Bedroom a Few Blocks From Prospect Park (and Food Coop) Asks $1.5M

    The south-facing living room comes with a gas fireplace.

    A view from a porch looking onto a neighborhood street. A woman sitting on the porch at a blue table waves with a cup of lemonade in her hand and sweet treats on the table in front of her. Two neighbors casually lean on the stairs of the porch chatting with her. A person across the street is waving. Illustration.

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    The Porch Puzzle

    On the front porch, the desire to be neighborly butts up against the desire to be left alone.

    House Calls

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    2. A Back Bay brownstone that’s “highly, yet invisibly” functional The exterior is historic, but the interior was a blank canvas for mixing, blending, and composing.
    3. Bringing pattern and color to a ‘simple box’ of a home in upstate New York The playful design—just look at that floor!—brought the community in.
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    1. ss加速器安卓 Inflatable pools, roller skates, and sidewalk chalk are defining summer for adults and kids alike.
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    3. Home, soothing home What science, color psychology, and interior designers tell us about creating a comforting space.
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    Five-Cottage Storybook Compound in Los Feliz Returns to Market After 45 Years

    The structures were handcrafted with mostly salvaged materials, including ropes and oars from Jack London’s boat.

    A collage of black-and-white photos of midcentury buildings and signs in south L.A.

    Hood Century Is the Future of the Preservation Movement

    It’s an Instagram account and brand that’s about "showing mid-century modern in a dope-ass way," says founder Jerald Cooper.

    A rendering of Elon Musk’s Boring Company tunnels in Las Vegas, Nevada that looks like an underground parking garage shot from the perspective of an escalator descending into the space.

    Somehow Elon Musk’s Tesla Tunnels Are Even Less Useful Now

    The Boring Company’s "public transit" system has become a valet stand in a parking garage.


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    Bungalow Courts Make the Best Neighbors

    The 350 that remain in L.A. are some of the city’s most desirable housing.


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    This Four-Year-Old, $150M Mall in San Francisco Has Never Seen a Customer

    6x6 was supposed to be a flashy shopping destination. Instead, it’s a death knell for S.F. development.

    A burgundy house with a porch enclosed by columns.

    Home Prices May Be Dropping Soon. Here’s Why.

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    I Moved Home When Coronavirus Hit. I Might Never Come Back to New York.

    Four women on settling into adult life in their childhood hometowns.

    A variety of young people of various races and genders are standing in front of a telephone poll pasting up a sign reading “we can help” with small paper tabs of information that can be removed attached below the lettering. Illustration.

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    • The Neighbors Issue


    The mutual-aid networks that have defined the COVID-19 pandemic are looking to the long term.


    Renovated Cottage Under Two Hours From Manhattan Asks $295K

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    A collage of skyscrapers and people

    It’s Time for Architects to Accept Responsibility

    As a profession, we don’t all talk about our role in redlining. We don’t talk about equitable resource allocation. We have been complicit in warehousing people.

    House on a rocky slope, surrounded by trees.

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    • Long Time No Sale

    John Lautner’s 1952 Hollywood Hills House Hits the Market for the First Time

    The impeccably maintained residence was built for a grocer and his family.

    A collage of handmade candlesticks that have chubby, spiral shapes and are painted with black-and-white stripes, fishes, and vibrant colors.

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    Jewelry designers, artists, and bored people alike have pivoted to papier-mâché

    Your inner third grader will love this design trend.


    How to Avert the Next Housing Crisis

    After a role at the United Nations, Leilani Farha launched a new effort to protect housing rights.

    House of the Day

    1. Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian (Built With Red Tidewater Cypress) Asks $425K in Wisconsin This Usonian two hours north of Madison, Wisconsin, features Wright trademarks like a long horizontal roof and clerestory windows.
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    Corner of a room with windows and shades.

    How to Keep Your Apartment Cool (With or Without AC)

    Check out these pro tips from artists, interior designers, and smart appliance installers.

    A white desk with a yellow metal stool in front of a large window with views to a redwood forest

    Vacation Canceled? Try Looking Through Strangers’ Windows.

    WindowSwap is a satisfyingly voyeuristic release for pent-up wanderlust.

    An open laptop flashing notifications sits on top of a pile of dirty laundry. Illustration.

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    • House Rules

    How do I balance keeping my home livable and getting work done?

    No matter your living situation, you don’t need to face housework alone.


    These Neighbors Turned Their L.A. Apartments Into an 80s-era Instagram Boutique

    Scrolling through Resident Objects, a vintage home goods shop on Instagram, is like a timewarp to 1980s Miami.

    A MARTA train travels over a bridge and a pedestrian path with a bright blue tunnel that travels down a leafy green meadow dotted with trees. It is Atlanta’s BeltLine.

    Urbanism Hasn’t Worked for Everyone

    "Who are we city-making for? These ‘experts’? Or is it the other human beings who call that place home?"


    New York Needs to Rethink Time, Not Space, To Actually Reopen

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    A black wire outdoor furniture couch with white pillows sits in front of a fire pit and a pool.

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    • Furniture

    How to pick the best outdoor furniture at any budget

    We break down the different types of outdoor furniture—like teak, aluminum, and wicker—and share over a dozen picks at various price points.



    The San Diego-area property was photographed by Julius Shulman shortly after its completion, then went unseen for decades.

    Yellow house surrounded by trees.

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    It was recently renovated and comes with sweeping lake views.


    All These Stories About People Fleeing Cities Are Total Nonsense

    The narrative persists, but supporting evidence is weak at best.

    A smart phone sitting on a kitchen island. On the phone screen is the app ‘Tik Tok’ showing a video of the same kitchen, zooming into a large container of whey protein. Illustration.


    • First Person

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    The clocks look familiar, and the doors are probably from Lowe’s, and the speckles in the granite look like the speckles in your granite.

    A grid of images showing outdoor restaurants enclosed in trellises, planter boxes, and cordons

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    Give people room to create, and things start to get interesting.

    租号玩-专业安全的游戏帐号出租买卖交易综合平台:2021-1-1 · 租号玩是国内专业的游戏帐号出租、租用、买卖帐号交易平台,玩家无需帐号密码即可畅玩LOL(英雄联盟),CF(穿越火线)等游戏的极品号,同时租号软件还有防外挂等安全防护功能,能从根源上保证游戏帐号安全

    Here’s what’s really going on in NYC’s housing market.

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